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Book Design

Nike - Air Max

When I was watching the abstract series on Netflix. There was an episode about footwear design by Tinker Hatfield. I was inspired by the process and details of footwear design. Nike introduced its first groundbreaking technology with visible air cushioning. The design of the shoe was inspired by the skeletal structure, Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. It’s interesting how a shoe design was inspired by an architectural structure.


The Air Max series has interesting stories of shoe designs being inspired by Japan’s high-speed bullet trains, human anatomy, and more. This book talks about every shoe in the Air Max series with each chapter highlighting new technology. There are a few sketches of the shoes on tracing paper with illustrations behind them, highlighting the process and number of details required to design a shoe. The book is designed in the size of a shoebox. The cover page has an Imprint of a shoe as the title. The back cover has the Nike logo, like how you would see it on a Nike shoe box. The book is titled Air Maximum because the last shoe released in the series is a fully visible air cushion. Which is also questioning what’s next?

Photography: Google | Softwares: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator | Font: ITC Franklin Gothic | Size: 11in*6in
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