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The One Where

My roommate and I grew up in different countries, and the one thing that broke the ice between us was a conversation about sitcoms. We further explored this idea through a project. We chose the two most-watched sitcoms and started drawing comparisons from them in our daily lives. We looked at common threads and how unique elements from the show could be used as symbols for specific situations—indirectly, referencing memorable moments from the sitcoms in our life. We then created prompts that relate to each of those objects. We created a set of 30 symbols and cards that could be used as a game to start a conversation between strangers. 




Flash Cards-07.jpg
Flash Cards-08.jpg
Flash Cards-09.jpg
Flash Cards-10.jpg
Flash Cards-11.jpg
Flash Cards-12.jpg
Flash Cards-29.jpg
Flash Cards-30.jpg
Flash Cards-39.jpg
Flash Cards-40.jpg
Flash Cards-41.jpg
Flash Cards-42.jpg
Flash Cards-31.jpg
Flash Cards-32.jpg
Flash Cards-37.jpg
Flash Cards-38.jpg
Flash Cards-21.jpg
Flash Cards-22.jpg
Structure and Morphology.009.jpeg

Collaborator: Rhea Jauhar

Inspired by Friends and How I Met Your Mother

Flash Cards-01.jpg
Flash Cards-02.jpg
Flash Cards-27.jpg
Flash Cards-28.jpg
Flash Cards-23.jpg
Flash Cards-24.jpg
Structure and Morphology.002.jpeg
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