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Iterative Meta Memories

I often wonder how memories play a role in our everyday lives and why we preserve them? Memories are the storage of things learned and retained from a person’s experiences and are accessed through recall and recognition. I tend to look at everyday occurrences through a lens of the past, the present, and the future. My thought process involves going back in time, breaking down my experiences, recollecting different parts of the same memory, and observing them from another perspective.

Memories are stored in the form of writings, objects, and images. Each of these forms captures a different meaning for the collector than for the observer. My thesis explores ways to incorporate emotion into these objective forms. In doing so, I consider the role of technology, how our brain associates one experience with another, and how to make personal memories relatable to a larger audience.


Magnified Wine Corks

Observing textures

Poster Iterations v1-30.jpg

Abstracting Social Images

Redefining a moment


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